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Products for Industrial Accounts

AZZ Incorporated

AZZ Enclosure Systems

Atkinson & PEI



Custom built electrical power distribution enclosures


AZZ Switchgear Systems

Central Electric

Electrical switchgear


DC Motors and Gearmotors to 12 & 24 volt standards, specials to 72v.  Right Angel & Planetary Gearing.  Customized.


Solenoids: Rotary, Linear (Push/Pull), Open Frame, Tubular. Voice Coil Motors.

Global Data Specialitsts

Advanced satellite data equipment, solar system design and equipment, IT services and equipment, SCADA programming and equipment, and land mobile communications solutions.

Harris Instruments
Non-Contact Width Measurement; Scan-A-Line, Width Measurement, Centering Guiding & Edge Guiding

Industrial Indexing Systems

High performance motion control products for a wide range of machinery automation. Including servomotors, servo drives and motion controllers, as well as design, repair and support services
Peerless-Winsmith, Inc Peerless-Winsmith, Inc.


Custom AC & DC Hermetic AC, Military, Traction, Specialty AC & DC

Special Pump

Ametek - Pittman Motors


Brush & Brusless DC Motors, Drives, Gearboxes, Brakes & Encoders.

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